Why in this way? Why we? - the three "C" system


  • Costs of aesthetic surgeries in Poland are several times lower than in West European countries.  It should be emphasized that it is so not due to lower quality of services but because of lower labor costs connected with lower level of prosperity of Polish society.  Qualifications of both physicians and nurses as well as equipment and materials applied in Polish medicine are not worse than those used in other countries of European Community.
  • Taking advantage of our offer enables resignation from the agency of companies organizing trips to surgeries abroad. It should be emphasized that the presence of an agent increases costs of surgeries in Poland for patients from abroad at least 10-30%. As a rule an offer of agencies include booking of surgery dates, air tickets and hotel rooms – extremely easy matters that can be settled individually in times of internet, especially by means of our web page.


  • we have many year's experience in operating on patients from abroad. We cooperated with several companies organizing trips to cosmetic surgeries (Cosmetic Surgery Abroad, Aspire Ventures), having operated until now on several hundred people, mainly from Great Britain.
  • LINEA CORPORIS is one of the best, the biggest and the most expansive plastic surgery centres in Poland, which possesses certifications of NZOZ
  • In connection with the fact that Poland belongs to the European Union, LINEA CORPORIS fulfils all European standards with respect to medical centre equipment and patient security.


  • all necessary formalities along with initial consultation can be settled via internet without going out of home (see Consultations and Contact sections)
  • cheap, convenient and frequent air connections between Warsaw and other European cities.
  • convenient localization of our clinic in respect of communicational links with an airport, the rest of the city, hotels and commercial centers. Prestigious location of the clinic near Old Town (Starówka) and other tourist attractions (see City Around Us section)
  • luxuriously furnished clinic, personnel speaking English (see About Us section)


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