Tissue Fillers

Best candidate: deep glabellar lines or nasolabial folds. Tissue fillers may be also used for lip or cheek augmentation. Some tissue fillers may be also used for wrinkles correction.

Taking into consideration price relations it does not pay to arrive at our clinic exclusively for the purpose of injecting tissue filler. It can be performed during stay connected with performance of any aesthetic surgery.

Necessary results of blood tests and other examinations: no laboratory test are needed

Type of anaesthesia: local anaesthesia

Length of procedure: about 30 min.

Stay in the clinic: patients may leave the clinic just after the procedure is completed

Post-procedure checkups: it is advisable to come for medical check-up before leaving Poland.

Type of discomfort and limitations in normal vital activity during stay in Poland: after the procedure different types of swelling and bruising in the areas, where the filler was injected can occur.  These areas should not be sunbathed for a period of 2-3 weeks.

Minimal stay in Poland: undergoing this procedure does not influence the length of stay in Poland.

Back to work: no downtime or few days in cases in which visible swelling and/or bruising occur.

Results: depending on the type of tissue filler. If non-absorbable tissue filler (AQUAMID for example) is used - permanent.

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