Botox Injection

Best candidate: wrinkles located on the upper 1/3 of the face (forehead, crows feet). Botox injections are also used in treatment of hiperhydrosis (excessive swelling) and migraine.

Taking into consideration price relations it does not pay to arrive at our clinic exclusively for the purpose of Botox injection. It can be performed during stay connected with performance of any aesthetic surgery.

Necessary results of blood tests and other examinations: no laboratory test are needed

Type of anaesthesia: usually no anaesthesia is needed, only local anaesthesia in some cases

Length of procedure: 5 -30 min depending on the area treated

Stay in the clinic: patients may leave the clinic just after the procedure is completed

Post-procedure checkups: Botox injection does not require any checkups.

Type of discomfort and limitations in normal vital activity during stay in Poland: after the procedure little reddenings or a swelling in areas treated with Botox injection can occur.

Minimal stay in Poland: Botox injection does not influence in any way the length of stay in Poland.

Back to work: no downtime

Results: temporary. Usually effects lasts for 3-6 months.

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