Anesthesiologist team of Linea Corporis clinic applies modern techniques and medicaments enabling anaesthesia for many types of surgeries in so called one-day surgery mode. Equipment monitoring vital functions during anaesthesia and after awakening applied in the clinic conforms to Polish Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy requirements and to European Standards. It ensures a very high level of security for all patients.

In the clinic medicaments with ultrashort action are routinely applied for general anaesthesia. These medicaments do not leave any traces in the organism after a few hours from ceasing to apply them. It is thanks to application of such medicaments that general feeling after surgery and narcosis is usually surprisingly good incomparable with the feeling accompanying traditional methods. Awakening period after such a narcosis passes without bothersome sleepiness, nausea, vomiting and the feeling of general breakdown which were considered normal in traditional anesthesia.

Modern post-surgery pain treatment is one of our basic priorities. Accurate monitoring of the patient's pain allowing earlier reaction of medical personnel increases considerably efficiency of a painkilling action. Thanks to associating medicines from different groups and using a rule of giving medicaments permanently or in advance without waiting for pain occurrence we are able to ensure our patients well-being during post-surgery period. Our pain treatment ruls are following standards of Polish Society of Pain Treatment. From 2011 we are cerified by this society.

Solicitude for patient’s thermal comfort is also very important for us. Patient is warmed already before surgery and first of all during its duration and in the post-surgery period, so that an unpleasant feeling of coldness and especially shivers during post-surgery period could be avoided.  Heating system by Gerathem applied in our clinic belongs to one of the best in the world.

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