Planning a stay in Poland it has to be taken into account that a pre-surgery ultimate consultation with a surgeon and a consultation with an anesthetist is always held upon arrival to Poland, not later than on the day preceding a surgery.  It is also possible to arrange these consultations on the day of surgery in some cases (small surgery), however, such a solution is disadvantageous for a patient. Direct contact with a physician is always a source of new and essential information, which should be thoroughly thought over by a patient so that the decision taken by him was the most beneficial for himself.  It is always better and cheaper to risk an unnecessary trip than an unnecessary surgery disadvantageous for oneself.

With the aim of accurate setting of surgery's aim, possibility to carry it out and expected results before arrival to Poland as well as considerable decreasing of risk  that for some reasons it will not come to a surgery, we suggest taking advantage of initial consultation via electronic mail.

Moreover, in all cases, in which it makes sense (mainly nose surgery and liposuction) there is a possibility to use computer simulation showing an expected effect of a procedure.

ATTENTION!!! It should be realized that results of computer simulation does not guarantee obtaining the same results during surgery.  It is caused by the fact that there are many factors influencing conformity of surgery results with the results of simulation (e.g. type of surgery, structure of the body, skin properties and many others). Computer simulation only indicates a direction, which surgery is going to take and constitutes an additional facilitation in communication with patients aiming at gaining better knowledge of his expectations.

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