Sławomir Łoń, PhD, MD

A graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw (1990), member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and of International Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Assistant in the General and Transplantation Surgery Clinic PSK - 1AM (’91-’93).

Since 1993 work in Plastic Surgery ward at General Surgery and Chest Illnesses Clinic CSK - 1 AM. In years 1986-2001 an assistant and then a lecturer in Clinical Physiology Cathedral of Medical Academy. Doctoral thesis defended under direction of Prof. E. Szczepańska - Sadowska, Ph.D. (’97).

Specialization in plastic surgery under direction of Prof. Julia Kruk-Jeromin, Ph.D., manager of Plastic Surgery Clinic of Medical Academy in Łódź. Rewarded with distinctions by Health Minister and by vice-chancellor of Medical Academy in Warsaw for outstanding achievements in research work.  Co-author of the first popular science book in Poland devoted to aesthetic surgery - "ART OR MEDICINE"

Knowledge of foreign languages:  English, Russian.

GMC registration number: 6142318

Several years’ experience in performing aesthetic surgeries and participation in training conventions in the country and abroad allowed me to gain a high level of professional proficiency.  I hope that knowledge, experience and devotion which contributed to creation of this centre will gain your trust.

Sławomir Łoń

Jarosław Stańczyk, PhD, MD.

Plastic surgery expert. Graduate of Medical Academy in Warsaw, member of Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He completed his studies in Warsaw Medical Academy in 1990. In years 1991-2003 employed in Plastic Surgery Clinic of Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, initially in the post of assistant and afterwards of lecturer.  He attained the first level of specialization in General Surgery Clinic of the Second Medical Ward under direction of Prof.

Wojciech Noszczyk, Ph.D. He attained specialization in plastic surgery under direction of a creator of this specialty in Poland, Prof. Michał Krauss, Ph.D., and then Prof. Józef Jethon, completed with the passing of an examination with distinction. Thanks to many years’ work in Plastic Surgery Clinic - the centre training other physicians in this specialty - he attained full abilities and experience to perform surgeries independently.  He constantly improves his skills during numerous probations and trainings in the country and abroad.

Knowledge of foreign languages:  English, French.

GMC registration number: 6138013

Experience gained during many years’ work in several aesthetic surgery consulting-rooms in Warsaw allows me to perform this type of surgery responsibly. I hope that in our new centre you will find comfort, care and knowledge, which will help fulfill your expectations.

Jarosław Stańczyk, MD

Marek Krzyczkowski, MD

Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy specialist. Graduate of Medical Academy in Warsaw. Since the completion of the studies work in the Bródnowski District Hospital in the post of assistant and afterwards of senior assistant. Specialization of the first and the second level under direction of Prof. Andrzej Zawadzki, PhD MD. Many years’ managing of anaesthetists’ work in the surgery block of this hospital.

Since 1989 work in hospitals in Sweden in the post of medical consultant in the field of anesthesiology and intensive therapy.  In 1997 establishing and running of the Bródnowski Hospital Analgesic Outpatient Clinic. Since 1998 managing the group of anesthesiologists in Central Sport Medicine Centre in Warsaw.

Knowledge of foreign languages:  English, Swedish, Russian.

GMC registration number: 6142311

I run anaesthesioloic practice independently for fifteen years.  For over 15 years I closely cooperate with plastic surgeons, what allowed me to gain big experience in anesthesiology issues connected with plastic surgery.


Marek Krzyczkowski

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