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Linea Corporis is a comfort, throughout modern centre established thanks to combination of practices of three experienced physicians, new philosophy of action and persistent striving for fulfillment of a common dream. We perceive beauty as an asset in striving for fullness of life, as a form of freedom. Our work is very important for us, because our ambition is something more than just an establishment of another centre of esthetic surgery. 


We want to be a link connecting medicine and art.  We have created a sensitive and communicative team characterized with an individual approach to each patient’s problems. The team works in the atmosphere of mutual trust, warmth, optimism, understanding and discretion.


Why in this way? Why we? - the three “C” system

Costsavings, credibility & convienience

There is something more we offer to all of our patients. Something that is beyond all systems and argumentations - absolute honesty. Please look through our page carefully – have you seen many of such pages?